Armour Museum is a military historical museum special status and it is the defense administration center of the museum, the War Museum, partial guidance and supervision. The majority of the objects belongs to the armed forces (war museum).

The aim of armor museum's activities is Finnish anti-tank and anti-tank gathering forces of history, recording, investigation, restoration and exhibition and publishing. The museum also strives to save our war-time opponents of used equipment in Finland, and everything related to the previous small artefacts, visual materials, literature and other information.

The museum presents an exhibition aihepiiriään basic as well as annually changing special exhibitions small, either through the museum on your own or with borrowed material. The permanent exhibition consists of outer and inner areas of rolling stock, by the leave of special exhibitions are located.

The museum equipment restored and maintained a long-term plan. Equipment for restoration and maintenance of rolling stock take place in the territory of the Armed Forces "workshop". Equipment entisöintitoiminta talkoopohjaisena activity began in 1978, and since 1989 the museum has had its own museum masterpieces, which is responsible for remediation action is. Roadworthy vehicles museum has appeared in armored anniversaries, parades, several films and museum shows.

The museum has a show in the summer a few days when a small amount of museum equipment types found in the guild occupied by bringing in a breath of past times.

The museum will be held in the spring in late April guild volunteer with an outdoor area and equipment are placed in the exhibition in shape after the winter. All kinds of guild are welcome to participate in civil society salient! Also, more volunteer work is a continuing need for the renovation and maintenance of buildings and facilities.

use of the stock shows and a parade where, maintenance and restoration require basic skills in the industry, lengthy familiarity and professionalism and are thus suitable for everyman's volunteer work. However, if you feel you are capable of K. O. to work, please contact the museum's director.

The museum welcomes and gratefully received within THEME property or other donations. They can be valuable objects, old sotilaspukineita, insignia, medals, light and movies, personal diaries, letters, postcards, or even a pre-recorded memories of past events. If you or belonging to the people who have this kind of transferable or just borrow material, please contact the museum director or office.