Basic exhibition

The museum's basic exhibition presents the cultural heritage of the Finnish tank and anti-tank troops for more than a hundred years. The course of history is presented chronologically in different exhibition halls and in the outdoor area. The history of the armoured vehicles on display at the exhibition starts with the Renault tank of 1917, ending with today's Leopard 2A4 main battle tank and the Patria AMV modular vehicle. In terms of anti-tank defence, we start from the 1930s before the Second World War, coming close to the present day. Almost all museum exhibits are in roofed facilities.

The main exhibition hall tells the story of the period before World War II and our wars from 1939-1945. In the exhibition showcases, the personal history of the war, and related military uniforms, badges of honour and other small items are highlighted. One of the highlights of the exhibition space is the showcase where the anti-tank rifles used by the Finns are on display.

Exhibition hall 2 offers the visitor the opportunity to learn about armoured vehicles from the period of the so-called cold war up to the 21st century. The history of Finnish wheeled armoured vehicle manufacturing from the 1970s to the present day is also presented there.

In the outdoor exhibition area, the equipment and museum visitors are protected by two museum vehicle shelters, where the equipment on display is grouped chronologically from the 1920s to the present day. In the outdoor exhibition area you can also find the base of the anti-tank platoon, built according to the wartime model, with gun emplacements and dugouts, and a rare wartime armoured train. The museum's oldest exhibition space "Moottorihalli" or “Engine Hall” offers visitors interested in technology interesting moments. 

In the anti-tank hall, the entire evolution of Finnish anti-tank defense is covered. The exhibition brings the spectrum of anti-tank equipment in front of the viewer, from the Winter War petrol bombs to post-war bazookas and missile weapons. The hall also has one of the museum's attractions, an anti-tank gun simulator implemented with laser technology, which gives a visitor an opportunity to put herself in a wartime anti-tank situation and test her marksmanship skills.