The main mission of the Parola Armour Museum is to store cultural heritage for the research and display, which tells about the tactics, technique, military equipment and other material and immaterial heritage of our tank and anti-tank troops. The field of activities of the museum also includes the material used by our wartime adversaries and companions in arms in Finnish territory or on the fronts. The Parola Armour Museum's storing task covers the entire period of our country's independence up to the present day.

The richness of the Parola Armour Museum's collections is approximately 8,000 museum exhibits, the most impressive of which are 60 armoured vehicles, 30 anti-tank weapons and ensembles related to personal history. The museum has approximately 20,000 photographs and 38 shelf meters of library and archival material in its possession.

The Parola Armour Museum's collections are constantly being supplemented by both institutional and private facets. The museum's key partner is the Military Museum, which serves as the central museum of the Defense Forces. The Parola Armour Museum’s unique collections are actively utilized by researchers. The archive and library can also be utilized by tank enthusiasts. Upon separate agreement, the museum lends museum pieces to other museums and supplies photographic material for exhibition, research, publication and illustration use. You can familiarize yourself with the materials in the museum's premises by making an appointment with the museum assistant.

We are also happy to accept donations of objects, photographs and archival materials that supplement our field of activities collections.

Contacts: Museum Assistant Jari Saurio, gsm +358 50 584 8090 or