The supporters’ association of Armour –magazine, registered association, was established in 1951 to publish Armour –magazine. The association created also the Parola Armour Museum in 1961. The Parola Armour Museum has paraded achievements of wartime Armoured Division’s and other armoured and anti-tank troops successfully and with pride.

Armoured Guild initiated a planning to establish a foundation to maintain the Parola Armour Museum already in 1991. The personnel and other costs of museum activities managed according to the instructions of the guidelines of Ministry of Education and National Board of Antiquities and Historical Monuments increased. The extension of museum and there was a clear need for improvement of exhibition technics because there are plenty of historically valuable exhibits and actions of Finnish soldiers to display.

In order to continue the Parola Armour Museum’s capability to display also in the future the history of traditionally Finnish armoured and armoured troops, Armoured Guild passed the maintenance of the Parola Armour Museum to the Armour Museum Foundation founded for this purpose in 2003. Foundation could better ensure the museum’s development in the coming decades.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the preservation of the history and traditions of the Finnish armoured and armoured troops and knowledge by developing and maintaining the museum called the Parola Armour Museum. The management of Armour Museum Foundation consist of the board of trustees, executive committee and museum director.