The Armoured Guild, registered association, having approximately 2.100 members and nine (9) branches throughout the entire country represents one of the largest guild of the national defence. Its purpose is to foster the traditions of the Finnish armoured troops being a traditional guild for the combined arms unit, the wartime Armoured Division, and the guild for current Armoured Brigade. The Armoured Guild disseminates history, knowledge and activities of the armour field from a standpoint of veterans, conscripts, regulars and others being interested in the field throughout her activities.

The most important model of action of the Armoured Guild is publishing. The guild is publishing well-recognized trade paper “Armour” magazine in the field of armour. The magazine tells about our own tank troops, events of the Armour Guild, follows and reports about activities and the development of armour abroad. Another relevant task is to support the well-known and historically important the Parola Armour Museum in co-ordination with the the Armour Museum Foundation.

The activity of the guild has concentrated in the Parola Armour Museum, but different branches across Finland are offering an opportunity to participate in activities also outside Parola. The Armoured Guild and its branches are organizing different voluntary work, hobby, training events and festivities and excursions. The support and voluntary work of members in contact with different events of the Parola Armour Museum, is remarkable.

The benefits of the Armoured Guild members comprises an “Armour” magazine and free entrance to the Parola Armour Museum. You can join a guild as a member by contacting the guild’s office or filling in the membership form and sending it to the office. A membership in the guild does not necessitate the service in the military in armoured troops. Everyone member over 15 years of age has a right to vote in the meetings of the Armour Guild.