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Welcome to the official homepages of the Parola Tank Museum. The Tank Museum is a military historical museum with the main task to gather, save, investigate and exhibit the history of the Finnish armoured and anti-tank defence troops.A central theme, furthermore, is to inform about the use and technical development of the armoured fighting vehicles in the Army of independent Finland, beginning from the first Renault F.T. Modèle 1917 tanks, bought in 1919.

The Tank Museum is also paying honours to the Finnish soldier. It offers a historical display of the skills and success of the Finnish armoured troops - especially of the wartime tank division - against a superior enemy in the battles of our last wars.

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The Museum is situated 10 km from Hämeenlinna to the north-west, 1 km from motorway E3, about 110 km from Helsinki and 70 km from Tampere. Public transportation listed below. Tripadvisor Hotels in Hämeenlinna.

We hope that our visitors will get an idea of the development of the armoured fighting vehicles and anti-tank artillery in Finland, but our special desire is that they also will get their eyes opened to the worth and merits of the Finnish soldier. With the exhibited equipment, fewer in number and often also poorer in quality than that of the enemy, he accomplished the impossible in times of war.

The 60-seat cafeteria serves coffee and refreshments. For groups please give us a call in advance, phone +358-3-6371 1140 (from 1 May to 31 August). In the cafeteria you can also purchase manuals to the Museum, armour-motif souvenirs and literature.

Reservations and information Tel. +358 40 7355 434 or +358 40 5681 186, Fax+358 3 6371 141 or per email:


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